UMBC CMSC 471 02 Spring 2020
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence


We will have a series of short homework assignments that you will have one or two weeks to do. We may have one longer project as well. Doing the homework is important, since it is the best way to learn the material. They will also account for 50-60% of your grade! Homework assignments will involve a mixture of reading, writing, and coding, hopefully with an emphasis on the latter.

Doing the assignments are an important way to learn the material and also gain useful skills, so it is ijmportna to do the work yourself. We will use a variety of techniques to check for unusual similarities between submission by different students or with pas subittions or resources on the Web. If you have borrowed or adapted text or code from another source, you must disclose this in your assignment and code comments. Failure to do so will be considered as cheating.

Please check the Piazza discussion site for clarifications and discussion on the homework assignments.

We'll use GitHub Classroom for homework assignments -- for distributing home work material such as starter code, for submitting your work, and for feedback. You will need to have an account on GitHub which has special programs for students. For each homework we will distribute a URL that you will access to creae your private repository on GitHub for the assignment. We've outlined the steps you should take to use this for your assignment here.

Links to the homework sub-directories will appear below as they are released.

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