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Course Instructor

Instructor Office Office Hours Email
Dr. Karuna P Joshi ITE 328 11am - 1pm by Appointment karuna.joshi@umbc.edu

Course Description

This course introduces the basic concepts of software engineering, including software life cycle, requirements analysis and software design methods. Professional ethics in computer science and the social impact of computing are discussed as an integral part of the software development process. Additional topics may include tools for software development, software testing, software metrics and software maintenance. The objectives of the course are met using classroom presentations, guest lecturers, and a semester-long project developed in a team setting.
Prerequisite: You must compete CMSC341 and one other CMSC 400-level course with a grade of C or better.

Be sure to read through the syllabus for more information.

Client Company

The customer for this course will be representatives from Next Century Corporation, which is based in Annapolis Junction, MD. Thus, this course will be more challenging in that students will not only need to meet the expectations of their instructor, but also those of a real software development organization.

Class Meeting Information

Days Time Location
Tuesday/Thursday 1:00pm – 2:15pm Sherman Hall 015