Project Development

Projects in this course will be developed using the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Eclipse is designed to assist you when writing Java applications. Eclipse is available on the PCs located in the OIT labs. If you prefer to work on your own PC, the "Eclipse IDE for Java Developers" may be downloaded free of charge from Note that Eclipse requires that you have installed the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on your PC. Java 5 JRE is recommended and can be downloaded from Sun Microsystems.

Program Compilation

The UMBC UNIX system runs two different versions of UNIX. The systems known as and run the version of UNIX called Linux. The system known as runs the version of UNIX called Solaris.

The project graders will use either linux1 or linux2 to compile and test your program. Therefore, ALL PROJECTS must compile and execute on linux1 and linux2.

All students must use the java compiler in the directory /usr/local/bin. To insure that you are using the correct compiler modify your .cshrc file (found in your home directory -- note the leading dot) by creating an alias for javac. Add the following line near the bottom of your file: alias javac /usr/local/bin/javac.
To check that you are using the correct compiler, execute the command which javac. The response should be usr/local/bin/javac.

If you develop your projects on your own PC, be sure that you are using javac version 1.5.x (aka Java 5) or 1.6.0.

Standards and Style

All projects should adhere to the CMSC 202 Coding Standards, unless otherwise directed. Each project will be evaluated on these guidelines. Failure to follow these criteria will result in a lower project score.

Project Submission and Policies

Projects will be submitted for grading using the submit mechanism. All projects will be submitted as .java files. Java requires that each class be found in its own .java file. The file which contains main( ) must be named for the project. For example, for Project 1, main( ) would be found in Course policies on grading, cheating, and due dates can be found in the 341 Project Policy.

The Projects:

Project 0
Description -- testing submit

Project 1
Description -- Collections and Generic Programming

Project 2
Description -- Rummy Game

Project 3
Description -- Ghostly Advisor
Project 4
Description -- Treasure Hunt
Project 5
Description -- Hashing Tics, Tacs, and Toes