Lecture Materials

Disclaimer: Lecture materials are not guaranteed to contain everything of importance in class. Sometimes this is because they were prepared by an instructor other than yours. Sometimes this is just because important things can happen spontaneously. You are responsible for whatever happened in your section, whether you were there or not.
Course Overview
Slides for C++ Module
IntCell and MemCell  (PPT)
IntCell and MemCell  (PDF)

Asymptotic Analysis Module
Asymptotic Analysis notes (postscript)  (html)
More Asymptotic Analysis notes - Black & White (PPT or PDF) or Color (PPT or PDF)

List Module
Intro to Lists, Iterators (PPT) (PDF)
Linked List Implementation (PPT) (PDF)

Stacks/Queues Module
Deques, Stacks, and Queues (PPT) (PDF)

Trees Module
Introduction to Trees (PPT) (PDF)
Binary Search Trees (PPT) (PDF)
K-D trees (PPT) (PDF)

Balanced BST Module
Introduction to Splay Trees PostScript PDF - Anastasio
Splay Tree Slides (PPT) (PDF)
Splaying Diagrams (PPT) (PDF)

Introduction to Red-Black trees (PostScript)   PDF - Dr. Tom Anastasio
Red-Black Tree Defintions, Theorems and Insertion (PPT) (PDF)
Red-Black Tree Deletion (PPT) (PDF)
Red-Black Tree Rotation Diagrams - (PPT) (PDF)
B-Tree Module
Paper on deletion in B-trees by Jan Jannink (Postscript)
B-Tree Notes (PostScript) (PPT) (PDF)

Priority Queue Module
PQ ADT, Binary Heaps, and Leftist Heaps (PPT) (PDF)

Hashing Module
Introduction to Hashing (PPT) (PDF)

Disjoint Set Module
Notes from the 1994 SRC Algorithm Animation Festival
Ackerman Function notes (html) by Robert Kosara
Disjoint Set Notes (PPT) (PDF)

SkipList Module
Anastasio's SkipList notes PostScript   and   HTML
SkipList notes (PPT) (PDF)
SkipList paper by Wm. Pugh (PDF format)
SkipList C code by Wm. Pugh

Graph Module
Graph Notes (PPT) (PDF)
Demos of Dijkstra's algorithm