Note that these are only sample questions designed to help you study. Your exam may consist of these questions, similar but different questions, derivatives of these questions, or questions not found here in any form.

In particular, your exam may include questions which test your understanding of code and concepts taken from the programming projects you have completed this semeseter.

Also note that although class definitions are provided with the exam review questions, not all instructors provide them with the exam. Check with your instructor about his/her exam policy.

Midterm Exam 1

Asymptotic Analyis Review PDF
List Review PDF
Stack, Deque and Queue Review PDF
Recursion Review PDF

Second Midterm Exam

General Tree Review PDF
Binary Search Tree Review PDF
Splay Trees Review PDF
Red-Black Trees Review PDF
K-D Trees Review PDF
PQ, Binary Heap, Leftist Heaps Review PDF
Disjoint Sets Review PDF

Final Exam

Hashing Review PDF
SkipLists Review PDF
B-Trees Review PDF