Miscellaneous Goodies

UMBC OIT (formerly UCS) Documentation
OIT Home Page
Help with OIT matters

Unix Tutorials and Help
Unix at UMBC Help
Stanford Univ tutorial on gcc, make, emacs, gdb, shell (PDF format>
UMBC Linux Users Group home page
Help with ftp'ing files between you Windows machine and the GL machines at UMBC

C++ Tutorials, FAQs, etc.
C++ FAQs Lite
List Of C++ Tutorials
Quadralay C++ Archive
Object Mentor C++ Publications

GNU Documentation
GNU Documentation
GNU Page at
GNU Emacs Manual
GNU Xemacs Manual
GNUPlot Manual
Free Software Foundation Documentation Links

Data Structure Animations
Standard Binary Search Trees
Binary Tree Animation
AVL Trees
AVL Tree Animation
Red-Black Trees
Red-Black Tree Animation
Another Red-Black Tree Animation
Splay Trees
Splay Tree Demo (top down)
Skip Lists
Skip List Demo

HTML-Related Documentation
Creating Your WWW Documents at UMBC
A Beginner's Guide to HTML
HTML Tutorial at Stanford

C++ Newsgroups
comp.lang.c++ The object-oriented C++ language.
comp.lang.c++.leda All aspects of the LEDA library.
comp.lang.c++.moderated Technical discussion of the C++ language. (Moderated)

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