CMSC-341 Fall 2001


Note that these are only sample questions. Your exam may consist of these questions, derivatives of these questions, or questions not found here in any form.

Midterm Exam 1

Review Questions (PostScript)
Review Questions (PDF)

Second Midterm Exam

Priority Queue review (PostScript)
Priority Queue review (PDF)
Hashing review (PostScript)
Hashing review (PDF)
Hashing review (PDF)
Splay Tree review (PostScript)
Splay Tree review (PDF)
Splay Tree review (PDF)
Red-Black Tree review(PostScript)
Red-Black Tree review(PDF)
Red-Black Tree review(PDF)

Final Exam

BTree review (PDF)
BTree review (PostScript)
SkipList review (PDF)
SkipList review (PostScript)
Disjoint Set Review Questions PostScript    PDF
Graph Review Questions PostScript    PDF

PostScript??? What's That???

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