Apartment Class

(Overriding methods continued)

Your apartment will have 4 rooms, 4 walls, and may or may not have a washer.

This class builds on what you did in your House class. You will use the parent constructor in Apartment's constructor, but you also want to know which story your apartment is on, so you will give Apartment a private int instance variable for story. You will make int story a constructor input so you can set your Apartment's story when you create the object.

The property value now depends on whether or not the apartment has a washer. If the apartment has a washer, the property value goes up by 100. So, you will need to have the constructor also accept whether the apartment has a washer or not.

In addition to the more complex constructor and new instance variable, you will make a method to return the story on which your apartment exists.

You should also overload the insertion operator so that your Apartment now prints the property value.