Submitting Your Work

There is an extensive description of our project submission system, but for now, follow these simple steps.

First, change directories to your home directory using the cd command and enter the command:

ln -s /afs/ ~/cs202proj
Note: xxxxx must be replaced with your username.

This creates a symbolic link in your home directory called cs202proj to a shared directory for submitting your files. You will only need to use this ln command once for this entire semester. Henceforth, you can refer to the shared directory as ~/cs202proj/.

Next, check that the link is successful. Enter the command:

ls ~/cs202proj/
You should see something like this:
exception    proj1        proj2-late1  proj3-late2  proj5
proj0        proj1-late1  proj2-late2  proj4        proj5-late1
proj0-late1  proj1-late2  proj3        proj4-late1  proj5-late2
proj0-late2  proj2        proj3-late1  proj4-late2

If you see a No such file or directory error, then you did not enter the ln command corectly. You have to remove cs202proj from your home directory using the rm command and try again. If you are still not successful, ask the TA to check if your username is in /afs/ Perhaps you registered late?

Next, change directories using the cd command to the directory that contains your program (proj0.cpp) and makefile (Makefile). At the Linux prompt, enter the command:

cp proj0.cpp Makefile ~/cs202proj/proj0/

Check that your files were copied correctly by entering the command

ls ~/cs202proj/proj0/
You should see proj0.cpp and Makefile.

You can even check that the copied code still works by changing to the ~/cs202proj/proj0/ directory, then compile and run your program there:

cd ~/cs202proj/proj0/
g++ -Wall proj0.cpp -o proj0