UMBC, CMSC202 Computer Science II, Spring 2007

Programming Project Policies

The critical programming skills cannot be learned simply by attending the lectures. You should budget enough time to work on the projects as well. Projects are due before midnight of the due date.

Late submissions

Projects that are up to 24 hrs late will receive a 25% penalty.

Projects more than 1 day late will receive a zero.

Project 0

In addition to the 5 graded projects, Project 0 is a mandatory ungraded project. The purpose of Project 0 is NOT to make sure you know how to use the submission system, but rather to make sure that the submission system is prepared to accept projects from your account. If you fail to submit Project 0, no future project submissions will be possible and your grade for those projects (which are graded) will suffer.

Network Outages

Network and computer failures at UMBC are a fact of life. They are out of your control and out of our control. However, they are not an excuse for a project to be submitted late, nor are they a reason for project deadlines to be extended, even if the outage occurs on the due date. Plan accordingly. Waiting to submit your project until 5 minutes before your project is due is a recipe for disaster. In the event of network outages or computer failures you are still responsible for submitting your projects on time. There are labs on campus even if your dialup or ResNet connections are down. Also, it is your responsibility to take care of any problems with your account, such as quota overages, which interfere with your ability to complete and submit projects for the course. Project extensions will not be given for such problems.

A Standard C++ Compiler

Despite the ANSI C++ standard, there are differences among these many C++ compilers available. We will use the g++ compiler in /usr/local/bin/ directory of the GL systems using the compiler switches -ansi -Wall. Thus, you should compile your programs using an instruction like:
/usr/local/bin/g++ -ansi -Wall project1.cpp
To save yourself typing "/usr/local/bin/g++ -ansi -Wall" you should use a Unix alias and/or a makefile to compile your projects.

Regrade Requests

There are two kinds of regrade requests for programming projects.

The first kind is a grade correction and you must claim that the grader has made a factual error in the grading of your programming project. Requests for a grade correction must be discussed in person with the teaching assistant of your discussion section within one week of receiving your project grade.

The second kind is a resubmission request. In this case you are claiming that a very small error in your programming project has caused you to lose a large number of points. As a rule of thumb, you must be able to correct your program by changing fewer than 5 lines of code. You must discuss the resubmission request in person with your TA who has the discretion to grant or deny your resubmission request. You must make your request within one week of receiving your project grade. If your resubmission request is granted, your project will be regraded with a 10-point penalty. Thus resubmission requests will only be considered in cases where you could improve your project grade by more than 10 points.

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