UMBC, CMSC202 Computer Science II, Spring 2007

Lab Exercises


These are the planned laboratory exercises for the semester. You are expected to work on and complete the lab DURING your discussion section NOT before. Some lab descriptions are provided ahead of time so that you may prepare if you feel unsure of the material presented in class or if you would like to simply read-over the lab before attending lab. However, these exercises may change up to the Thursday (the week before) before the lab.

Students who complete the lab PRIOR to attending their lab section will not get credit for the lab.

Lab # Monday of Week


1 01/29       Intro to Linux
2 02/05       Introduction to C++ and Makefiles
3 02/12       C++ Classes
4 02/19       Aggregation
5       Operator Overloading
6 03/05       Dynamic Memory I
7 03/12       Debugging
8 03/26       Dynamic Memory II
9 04/02       Inheritance
10 04/09       Polymorphism
11 04/16       Templates
12 04/23       Exceptions
13 04/30       Standard Template Library
14 05/07       Final Exam Review

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