UMBC, CMSC202 Computer Science II, Spring 2007


Your grade for this course will be based on 5 programming projects, 2 midterm exams, the final exam and on grades from the discussion sections (see below). The weighting of these scores are:

Discussion: 1 point x 12 = 12 points
Projects: 7 points x 5 = 35 points
Midterm Exams: 15 points x 2 = 30 points
Final Exam: 23 points x 1 = 23 points

Your final letter grade is based on the standard formula:

0 ≤ F < 60,   60 ≤ D < 70,   70 ≤ C < 80,   80 ≤ B < 90,   90 ≤ A ≤ 100.
Your grade might be curved upward, but under no circumstance will your grade be curved downward. Your grade is given for timely work done during the semester; incomplete grades will only be given for medical illness or other such dire circumstances.

Discussion Section Grades

Attendance and participation in the discussion section is required. After each meeting, each student will be assigned a grade by the teaching assistant. This grade will be on a 10-point scale reflecting the student's attendance, participation in the discussion and completion of the lab exercise. Since 14 meetings of the discussion sections have been scheduled (see list of lab exercises), it is possible to earn 2 points of extra credit from the discussions. However, if one or two discussion sections are canceled due to inclement weather, those points will not be made up. (I.e., you cannot earn extra credit from snow days.)

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