UMBC, CMSC202 Computer Science II, Spring 2007

Course Description


This course continues the development of programming and problem-solving skills, focusing on the C++ programming language, object-oriented programming and design (OOP/OOD), and improved programming practices. Topics include: Abstract Data Types (ADTs), an introduction to the C++ programming language including string and vectors, encapsulation and information hiding, inheritance and polymorphism and templates.


Other good C++ books are listed under Resources.


The formal prerequisites for this course are CMSC 201 Computer Science I and MATH 151 Calculus I (or their equivalents). From CMSC 201 you should have mastered the concepts and skills in the following table. If you are unfamiliar with a significant number of these skills and/or concepts, you should take CMSC 201.

Concepts Skills
functional/procedural abstraction writing functions
top-down design using header files
separate compilation character and string handling
libraries basic pointer manipulations
abstract data types pointers as parameters
dynamic memory allocation file I/O
recursion writing recursive functions
searching and sorting structures
  linked lists, stacks and queues

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