CMSC 202 -- Computer Science II for Majors

CMSC Gateway Warning

If you started your college education in Summer 1998 or later you are under the "CMSC Gatway" and must complete CMSC 201 and CMSC 202 with a grade of B or better.
Because of the registrar rules regarding class sequences, students who received a C in CMSC 201 must retake CMSC 201 before taking CMSC 202. If you choose not to retake CMSC 201 or do not retake it before taking CMSC 202, you cannot graduate as a computer science major.

Prerequisite Skills

In order for you to maximize your chance for success in CMSC 202, you must have the following skills NOW.

Fluency in basic C or C++ programming

This means:

Knowledge of the Linux environment

The student GL computing environment at UMBC is Linux. All class projects must compile, link and execute on the GL system. Students are encouraged to do project development on the GL systems.

Transfer students and those who want to improve their Linux skills are encouraged to check out CMSC 121 -- Intro to Unix. This is a 3-week, 1-credit, pass/fail course that meets three times per week and is offered three times during the semester.

CMSC 202 Overview

CMSC 202 focuses on the following aspects of computer science
  1. An introduction to the C++ programming language
  2. An introduction to object-oriented design (OOD) and object-oriented programming (OOP)
  3. Improved programming techniques including adherence to programming standards
All materials for this course can be found on the course homepage Be sure to check the homepage frequently for important announcements.
In addition, a Blackboard site is available through myUMBC.

CMSC 202 Hold List

Enrollment in CMSC 202 is limited to 20 students per section due to limited seating capacity in ECS 104A. Students who are on the hold list for sections which are not full have been given permission to enroll (you should have recieved an email).

If you are on the hold list for a full section, you will not be given permission to enroll.

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