Current Error Handling

Common Errors

What we do now

Most commonly, error-handling code is interspersed throughout a system's code.


Error processing is in the immediate vicinity of the code that caused the error (easy to find)


Code becomes polluted with error processing and the code becomes difficult to read and understand.

Application code does not get to handle errors in the way that it considers most appropriate

Layered and Encapsulated Code

The crux of the issue is what low level code (or aggregated objects) should do when an error is detected. How should it handle them? The answer is -- they shouldn't

Low level code supplies services for the high level code.
Objects supply services for their users.

Since the low level code (or aggregated objects) can't know how it's being used, it can't and shouldn't decide how to handle errors.

It should only detect them and inform the high level code (object users) that the error occurred.

How do we do that?

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