UMBC CMSC 202 Computer Science II

Lab8: Dynamic Memory Part 2

In this lab you will practice using dynamic memory.

Assignment: Dog Sled Team

Your assignment is to complete the new DogSledTeam Class, using dynamic memory. The new DogSledTeam class can hold a variable number of Dogs. Specificaly, any number of dogs can be on a sled team. Dogs in the sled team can be replaced, but the number of dogs on a team never changes after its creation. Here is the DogSledTeam DogSledTeam.h and the DogSledTeam.cpp data files. (See the Dog class defined by Dog.h and implemented in Dog.cpp) Additonaly, a test main has been provided Tester.cpp

Details: Implement the three functions left blank: The one argument Constructor, the destructor, and the operator==. Make the Constructor using dynamic memory, and the comparison operator do a deep copy.