Summary of Pico Commands

^G Display help text ^F move Forward a character (or Right Arrow) ^B move Backward a character (or Left Arrow) ^P move to the Previous line (or Up Arrow) ^N move to the Next line (or Down Arrow) ^A move to the beginning of the current line ^E move to the End of the current line ^V move forward a page of text ^Y move backward a page of text ^W Search for (where is) text, neglecting case ^L Refresh the display ^D Delete the character at the cursor position ^^ Mark cursor position as beginning of selected text ^K Cut selected text (displayed in inverse characters) ^U Uncut (paste) last cut text insert at current cursor position. ^I Insert a tab at the current cursor position ^J Format (justify) the current paragraph ^T To invoke the spelling checker ^C Report current cursor position ^R Insert an external file at the current cursor position ^O Output the current buffer to a file, saving it. ^X Exit pico, saving buffer