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Lec No. Topic & Description PDF link PPTX link
Lec 01 Introduction PDF PowerPoint
  (Syllabus, Academic Integrity, Programming Mindset)   
Lec 02 Intro to Python PDF PowerPoint
  (Variables, Expressions, Input/Output, Python Interpreter)   
Lec 03 Operators PDF PowerPoint
  (Arithmetic, Assignment, Comparison, and Logical Operators)   
Lec 04 Decision Structures PDF PowerPoint
  (One-Way, Two-Way, and Multi-Way Decision Structures)   
Lec 05 Algorithmic Thinking PDF PowerPoint
  (Algorithms, Syntax and Logic Errors, Practice with Decision Structures)   
Lec 06 While Loops PDF PowerPoint
  (while Loops, Interactive Loops, Conditional Practice)   
Lec 07 While Loops (cont) PDF PowerPoint
  (Constants, Sentinel Loops, Boolean Flags)   
Lec 08 Lists PDF PowerPoint
  (Lists, Membership "in", Methods vs Functions)   

Livecoding Files

Below you will find copies of the files we have worked on in class. Brief notes have been provided where appropriate.

Lecture Exercise Links Notes
Lec 05 Nail Polish Single if/elif/else
Lec 05 Passing 201
Nested, grade as outer if
Nested, major as outer if
Not nested, uses and/or
Lec 06 Guessing Polish Uses a while loop to keep guessing