CMSC 201

Computer Science I for Majors

Assignment Submission

Homeworks and projects are to be submitted electronically using the submit command. The general form of the submit command is:

     submit cs201 <AssignmentName> <Files>
where <AssignmentName> is "HW1", "Proj2", etc. (without the quotes) and <Files> is a list of files to be submitted for grading.

Homeworks and projects may be submitted as often as you like prior to the final deadline. Only the last assignment you submit will be graded.

You can verify that your files were submitted by using the submitls command. The general form of the submitls command is:

     submitls cs201 <AssignmentName>
For more information, see the UCS project submission system web page.

Late Assignment Policy

NO late assignments will be accepted. If you submit your assignment after the deadline, you will receive no credit for it.

Important Warning

ALL ASSIGNMENTS must produce no error messages when run on linux1, linux2, or linux3.
develop your assignments on other machines -- if your assignment will not run error-free on linux 1/2/3 you can only receive half-credit at best.

Assignment Grading

For assignments that involve writing code, your assignment will be graded based on four criteria:

  1. Design
  2. Documentation
  3. Correctness
  4. Style

After the assignments are graded, the grade will be posted to blackboard, along with a rubric describing how you have done on each individual part.

You may turn in incomplete or partially-correct assignments for grading.

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