CMSC 201

Lecture Exercises

One group is chosen as the winner for each lecture exercise. Since many groups can have correct answers, other criteria are also used for picking the winning group. These include use of meaningful variable names, meaningful prompts and output, use of whitespace and adherance to 201 coding standards. Even handwriting can be used to break a tie.

Each member of a winning group will receive 1 point of extra credit on the next exam.

If there is a tie between a group that has won previously and one that has not, the new group will be declared the winner.

Extra Credit Winners

Lecture Students Winning Code
Class Exercise
Lec 08
Will Gossard
Josh Mayne
CUBE = 3

class Cube:
    def __init__(self, length):
        self.length = length

    # Accessors
    def getLength(self):
        return self.length

    def surfaceArea(self):
        area = CUBE_SIDES * self.length ** SQUARE
        return area

    def volume(self):
        vol = self.length ** CUBE
        return vol

Class Exercise
Lec 01
David Ring
Kameron Pyron
# Exercise: Defining New Classes
# File:
# Names: David Ring & Kameron Pyron
# Date: 5/10/10
# Description: This class defines a cube object using
# the length of a side as its sole parameter.
# It has methods to access side and return
# volume and surface area.

class Cube:
    def __init__(self, side):
        self.side = side

    def getSide(self):
        return self.side

    def volume(self):
        return self.side ** 3

    def surfaceArea(self):
         return 6 * self.side ** 2

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