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  • Announcements
  • Sue Evans' Office Hours for Thurs 5/19 will be 12:00 noon to 2:00 PM
  • Balaji's Office Hours for 5/9 moved to 5/11
  • Balaji's office hours scheduled for Monday 5/9 from 10 - 12 will be held on Wednesday, 5/11, from 2:00 - 4:00 PM instead.

  • Extension for Project 3 - Wator
  • Project 3, Wator, is now due before midnight, Friday 4/15/05.

  • Sue Evans' Office Hours for 4/14
  • I won't be holding my office hours from 4 - 5 PM on Thursday, 4/14 so that I can attend the talk being given in Lecture Hall 5, by Dr. Barbara Grosz, entitled "Women in Science and Engineering at Research Universities: Lessons of the Past, Prospects for the Future."

    Perhaps you should join me :-)

  • Rob Tand's Office Hours for 4/8
  • Due to exam grading, Rob Tand's office hours on Friday 4/8 will be from 9:00 - 11:00 AM and from 3:00 - 5:00 PM.

  • Project three
  • Project three is out.

  • Additional Office Hours for 3/1 & 3/2
  • Since there are no labs on 3/1 or 3/2, I've asked the TAs to hold office hours during the times that they would normally be conducting the labs.

  • Labs for 3/1 - 3/3
  • There will be no labs held on Tuesday March 1 or Wednesday March 2 to compensate for the snow days. There will be labs on Thursday, March 3, in which the lab 3 material will be presented. Lab 4 material will be offered next week.

  • Project one ECN
  • Please see ECN1, a change in the design specification for Project one.

  • Reconstituting the CS Council of Majors
  • The Computer Science Council of Majors has been dormant for some time, but is in the process of being revived. There will be a kickoff meeting to reorganize the CSCM from 1-2 on Wednesday, March 2nd in ITE 201B (next to the Help Center) 1pm-2pm. Free Pizza will be provided. At the meeting, prospective members will discuss what the Council of Majors could do and what resources are available. If you have any questions contact Dalibor Zeleny, For more information, see Dalibor's proposal for reorganizing CSCM.

  • Project one and snow
  • Today's lectures were canceled because of snow. We had planned to talk about the project in the lectures. I am not sure if we will stick with the current due date or allow for more time. When Ms. Evans returns, we will confir and decide what to do and announce the decision on the web page. We may not be able to do this until Monday.

    At this point, I advise everyone to work on the assumption that the project is still due before Midnight on Wendesday March 2.

    The project description is online as is design file. We have also provided a working solution on the linux systems that you can run and experiment with. If you need clarification or have questions, please use the discussion board for Project One on the UMBC BlackBoard system.

  • Project One released (2/23)
  • Programming project one is released and due before midnight on Wednesday, March 2.

  • LUG Installfest
  • Each semester the Linux Users' Group (LUG) holds an Installfest. If you would like to install LINUX on your PC or laptop, this is a great opportunity to do so since members of the LUG make themselves available to help you do the install. This is the only time during the semester that this help is given. The Installfest will be held this Saturday, 2/5/05, in the ENG atrium (behind L.H. 5) and it will begin at 1:00 PM.

    You will need to bring your computer, mouse, keyboard and monitor in order to do the install.

  • Your Quota
  • Keep an eye on your quota!! Each user is given a certain amount of disk space (25MB) on the GL network. If you exceed this disk space, we cannot send you email (i.e. project grades) and you can't create files (i.e. project files) To check your quota, at the linux prompt, type: linux3[16]% quota -v Volume Name Quota Used %Used Partition user.dforna1 75000 55198 74% 69% This will show how much disk space your are using. If the percentage used is approaching 100%, you need to clean up your account. This can be done by typing the following at the linux prompt: linux3[17]% oitcleaner This is the cleaner that we want Volume Name Quota Used %Used Partition user.dforna1 75000 55198 74% 69% **** Start Quota **** **** Start: Cleaning Internet Files **** find: /afs/ Data/Mozilla/Profiles: No such file or directory **** Done: Cleaning Internet Files **** **** Start: Cleaning Misc. Files **** find: No match. rm: remove `/afs/'? y rm: No match. rm: No match. rm: No match. rm: No match. **** Done: Cleaning Misc. Files **** **** Finding Large Files **** rm: remove `/afs/'? n rm: remove `/afs/'? y rm: remove `/afs/'? y **** Finished **** Volume Name Quota Used %Used Partition user.dforna1 75000 52913 71% 69% **** End Quota **** This script will clear out some unnecessary files in your account. It will also ask you if you want to delete any large files it finds. You must answer either y or n when it prompts you to remove. Make sure to remove any files named core.

    For more information about your quota, visit the following OIT Web site:

  • .emacs

  • EMACS -- when emacs (or xemacs) begins, it looks for and reads a file named .emacs in your home directory to obtain configuration information. Save the CS201 recommended version of the .emacs file (note the leading "dot") in your Unix home directory to get the following features:
    • Automtic formatting in accordance with the CS201 coding style standard
    • A working backspace key. Backspace will now delete to the left of the cursor instead of invoking "help". It also remaps CTL-X? to be the new "help" key.

    The .emacs file is publicly available in the directory


    To copy the file, 'cd' to your home directory and type the command

    cp /afs/ . Don't forget the dot (.) at the end... it means copy the file to the current directory.


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