UMBC CMSC201, Computer Science I

Some UNIX tips

How to get the cc201 command

  1. Use the UNIX "ls" command to see if you have a directory called "bin".

  2. If not, create this directory by typing
    	   mkdir bin

  3. Then copy the cc201 command by typing
    	   cp ~nicholas/pub/201/cc201 bin

  4. Check that you copied correctly by typing
    	   ls bin
    A file called "cc201" should be listed.

  5. Logout and log back in.
You can copy the files xmosaic201 and lynx201 similarly. (Although, one would assume that if you are reading this, you already know how to use lynx or mosaic :)

How include a file in PINE

If you want to send a text file to someone from PINE, it is frequently more convenient for the receiver of your mail message that you do not include it as a MIME attachment. It is difficult in some mail readers to convert from MIME back to a text file. While it makes sense to use MIME formats if you are sending an image or sound file, it is not necessary to do this for text files. To include a file, simply compose your message, then use the -R command and type the name of the file you want to include.
Last Modified: January 11, 1996

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