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CMSC 201 - C Coding Standards

General Comments

Every programming department has a some set of standards or conventions that programmers are expected to follow. The purpose of these standards is make programs readable and maintainable. After all, you may be the programmer who maintains your own code more than 6 months after having written the original. While no two programming departments standards/conventions may be the same, it is important that all members of the department follow the same standards. Neatnes counts!!!

At UMBC, the following standards have been created and are followed in CMSC 201, CMSC 202 and CMSC 341. Part of every project grade is based upon how well these standards are followed.

Naming Conventions

Use of Whitespace

The prudent use of whitespace (blank lines as well as spaces and tabs) goes a long way to making your program readable.

Use of Braces


Comments are the programmers main source of documentation. Comments for files, functions and code are described below.

A complete program that illustrates all of these topics is available.

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Monday, 21-Jun-1999