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  • We will add news items to this page on an ongoing basis. New items will be added to the top of the page.

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  • There is a newsgroup for this course, which provides a open forum in which anyone can post messages of interest to the CMSC 201 community. You should learn how to read news and subscribe to the newsgroup umbc.course.csee201 While you are at it, subscribe to the umbc.csee newsgroup which carries announcements of the CSEE Department, information about the department, and computer and information technology in general. When you subscribe to these groups, spend some time looking through the titles of other newsgroups. I'm sure there are other groups that you may find interesting.

    There are serveral newsreaders available on gl. The most commonly used are: rn, trn, xrn, pine and Netscape. Since rn, trn, and xrn were designed specifically to read news, you will find that they are more powerful than either pine or Netscape for reading and posting. xrn is the xwindows version of rn and it is only available on workstations that run xwindows (the SGIs). Investigate some of these newsreaders so that you can choose the newsreader you prefer.

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