• If you have not sent Email to your TAs with your information, please do so at once.

    The body of the Email message should contain only one line in the following format :
    Firstname Lastname SSN Section# Loginname

    Here is an example :
    John Doe 123-45-6789 101 jdoe3

    Note : Honors section students must put 101H as their section number.

    You do not need to put your full Email address. Your login name will be sufficient.

  • You must submit your student information by following the above procedure before submitting your projects. If you do not submit your information, your projects cannot be graded.

  • All projects must be submitted electronically using the submit utility.

  • submit

    The submit command can be used to submit any number of files.
    submit requires two arguments :
    The first is the class name, and the second is the project name.Any arguements after that are taken as files to be submitted.
    For example, to submit proj1.c for proj1, the command line would be :

    submit cs201 proj1 proj1.c

    The file need not be named proj1.c - here, it is just cited as an example. Resubmitting a file after it has been submitted once, will overwrite the first version of the file submitted.

  • submitrm

    The submitrm command can be used to 'unsubmit' a file once it has been submitted. At present, submitrm will only take one filename at a time for deletion. Future versions may change this.
    For example, to delete the file proj1.c submitted previously, the command line would be :

    submitrm cs201 proj1 proj1.c

  • submitls

    The submitls command can be used to return a listing of files that have been submitted by you. For each file that has been submitted, it returns the filename, size of the file, and the date submitted. To list the files for proj1 of cs201, the command line would be :

    submitls cs201 proj1

  • Regarding submission of Project 1, all students must submit their student information in the format specified above, prior to submitting your projects. Also, do not try to submit your project as soon as you submit your information. It would be ideal if you allowed a couple of hours for your information to be entered into the database, and you are then permitted to submit your projects. So, if you're having trouble submitting your projects, and have sent in your details, please send email to : and confirm whether he has received your information.