Pre Lab

Labs are worth a total of 10 points each. Two of the points for each lab are earned by completing the Pre Lab quiz, which will be available on Blackboard starting the Friday before the lab (at 10 AM), and closing on Monday at 10 AM, before the first lab section meets. The Pre Lab quiz ensures that you have a basic understanding of the material that will be needed for lab the coming week.

You may still attend your lab if you fail to complete the Pre Lab quiz that week, but you will not earn the two points.

(Online labs do not have a Pre Lab quiz, as you are completing the lab assignment on your own time. They are graded out of 10 points.)

Lab Details

There will be 11 labs assigned over the course of the semester; your best 9 scores will be used to compute your lab average. All lab sessions are led by TAs. To receive credit for attending the lab and completing the lab assignment, your work must be verified by your TA.

You must attend your assigned lab section, and the lab assignment must be started and completed during the assigned lab time. If missing a lab is absolutely unavoidable, consult the FAQ for instructions on what to do.

During the lab, your TA will explain the lab assignment, provide assistance as needed, and record your successful completion of the assignment.

Lab assignments are graded on a scale from 0 to 8 at the discretion of the individual TA. (Online labs are graded out of 10, and are generally given either 0 or 10 points.)

8Successfully completed the lab assignment
6Made a good attempt to complete the lab assignment
3Attended the lab, but made little or no effort to complete the assignment
0Did not attend the lab, or arrived more than 15 minutes late

If you made a good attempt to complete a lab assignment within the allotted time, but were unable to finish it, you may complete the assignment on your own and show it to your TA to have the grade changed from a 6 to a 7. This must be done within one week of the original lab date, before your next lab session. For the final lab of the semester, you must show the completed lab to your TA no later than the last day of classes.

Lab Exercises

Labs are not yet available.