Guided Review Session Materials

Students in Section 13 are required to attend a Guided Review Session (GRS) every week. The slides, activities, and worksheets that are used in GRS each week will also be made available here. Students who are not in Section 13 are encouraged to make use of these materials as study aids to further their own mastery of the course's concepts.

GRS Topic & Description of Activities Download (PDF)
GRS 01 Introduction, GL Review, and Algorithms  
  How the GRS "Counts" Towards Your Grade Slides
  Understanding the GL Directory System Worksheet
  "Cookie Jar" Algorithm Practice Worksheet
GRS 02 Binary/Decimal and more Algorithms  
  Binary Numbers (Math Bites) External video
  Counting in Binary Worksheet
  Binary Counting Cards Printout
  Binary/Decimal Conversions Worksheet
  Binary Flip Card Example (image)
GRS 03 Algorithm Design and Tracing  
  "Stuck in the Mud" Game Worksheet
  RANDOM.ORG's Virtual Dice Roller External website
GRS 04 Branching  
  The Guessing Game Worksheet
  Akinator (the Web Genie) External website
GRS 05 While Loops  
  Guessing Numbers Worksheet
  Dice Game Coding Exercise
GRS 06 Program Design  
  Battleship Brainstorming Exercise