Fall '06

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Using Submit

Students enrolled in the honors section, CMSC 201H, are responsible for completing the labs each week on their own outside of class time, with the exception of Labs 1 and 2 which were done in class.

Submitting the labs

You are to use the submit command to submit your lab work into special directories that I have set up to hold your labs. To do so you'll need to login to your account and change into the directory that holds the file or files you need to submit. Once you've done that you will give the appropriate submit command at the linux prompt.

The command you'll give to submit your Lab 2 material, which is just your corrected errors.c file is:

submit cs201_201H Lab2 errors.c

The command is made up of four parts. The first part is the command submit; the second part is the class name which is cs201_201H; the third part is the name of the assignment, Lab2; and the last part is the list of files separated by spaces that you want to submit.

Submitting Projects

The cs201_201H class name is to be used for you lab material ONLY. To submit your projects, submit them to cs201 just like everyone else taking 201.

The command you'll give to submit your project 1 files is:

submit cs201 Proj1 proj1.c util.c util.h

All of the labs will be due before midnight on Tuesday of the week after they were assigned to and completed by the other 201 students. Here is a table of your lab due dates.

Lab due dates

Lab Date due
do Lab 1 - Linux Sept 13
do Lab 2 - Xemacs Sept 20
Lab 2 due (corrected errors.c file) Sept 27
Lab 3 due Oct 3
Lab 4 due Oct 10
Lab 5 due Oct 17
Lab 6 due Oct 24
Lab 7 due Oct 31
Lab 8 due Nov 7
Lab 9 due Nov 14
Lab 10 due Nov 21
Lab 11 due Dec 5
Lab 12 due Dec 12

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