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  • Office Hours Changes for Thanksgiving Week
  • Please note that Ms. Block and the TAs will be holding office hours earlier in the week than usual. Below are the times they will hold hours, as well as the times those hours are replacing. Also note that the Help Center will close on Wednesday at 2pm and will re-open on Monday, Nov. 20 at 10am.
    Ms. Block	Tu 1 - 2 instead of Wed 3:30 - 4:30
    Chris           Wed 2 - 3 instead of Wed 1 - 2
    Sheetal         Tu  4 - 5 instead of Th 1 - 2
    Emily           Tu 10 - 11 instead of Wed 10 - 11
    Rob             Mon 3:30 - 6:30 instead of Wed 4:30 - 6
    Jeremy          Wed 10 - 12 instead of Friday 11 - 1

  • "Programming At Home" Lecture
  • Dan Hood will be giving a talk next Wednesday, 11/17, during free hour (1pm - 2pm) in Lecture Hall 7 about improving your programming environment when working from home. You can read more information about it here. Hope to see you there!

  • Late Project Policy
  • There are absolutely no late projects accepted this semester. This was stated very clearly in Lecture. If you submit your project after the deadline, you will receive no credit for it. This is now stated on the Project Submission and Grading Policy page to clear up any confusion. As of Project 3, no exceptions will be made for late projects unless you have a valid reason.

  • Linux Installfest
  • From the Linux Users Group (LUG)...... Hear ye, hear ye! There will be a Linux Installfest on September 12th from 1 to 6 PM, at which the good geeks of UMBC's Linux Users Group will be available to put Linux on your PC. Linux can be installed on your machine in place of Windows, or along-side it. The following rules and suggestions ought to be kept in mind: * To save time, PLEASE DEFRAGMENT YOUR HARD DRIVE before you come. This will shorten your install time by several hours. * Please, BRING YOUR OWN MONITOR. We cannot provide monitors for everyone. * The LUG will do all it can to preserve your data, but fubars do happen. Therefore you should BACK UP YOUR DATA if at all possible. * The last install will begin at 4:30 PM, so you should come before then. On a slow computer, installation could take several hours. Thanks very much, and we hope to see you there.

  • Your Quota
  • Keep an eye on your quota!! Each user is given a certain amount of disk space (25MB) on the GL network. If you exceed this disk space, we cannot send you email (i.e. project grades) and you can't create files (i.e. project files) To check your quota, at the linux prompt, type: linux3[16]% quota -v Volume Name Quota Used %Used Partition user.dforna1 75000 55198 74% 69% This will show how much disk space your are using. If the percentage used is approaching 100%, you need to clean up your account. This can be done by typing the following at the linux prompt: linux3[17]% oitcleaner This is the cleaner that we want Volume Name Quota Used %Used Partition user.dforna1 75000 55198 74% 69% **** Start Quota **** **** Start: Cleaning Internet Files **** find: /afs/ Data/Mozilla/Profiles: No such file or directory **** Done: Cleaning Internet Files **** **** Start: Cleaning Misc. Files **** find: No match. rm: remove `/afs/'? y rm: No match. rm: No match. rm: No match. rm: No match. **** Done: Cleaning Misc. Files **** **** Finding Large Files **** rm: remove `/afs/'? n rm: remove `/afs/'? y rm: remove `/afs/'? y **** Finished **** Volume Name Quota Used %Used Partition user.dforna1 75000 52913 71% 69% **** End Quota **** This script will clear out some unnecessary files in your account. It will also ask you if you want to delete any large files it finds. You must answer either y or n when it prompts you to remove. Make sure to remove any files named core.

    For more information about your quota, visit the following OIT Web site:

  • .emacs

  • EMACS -- when emacs (or xemacs) begins, it looks for and reads a file named .emacs in your home directory to obtain configuration information. Save the CS201 recommended version of the .emacs file (note the leading "dot") in your Unix home directory to get the following features:

    The .emacs file is publicly available in the directory


    To copy the file, 'cd' to your home directory and type the command

    cp /afs/ . Don't forget the dot (.) at the end... it means copy the file to the current directory.


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