Research Paper

Topics are due at the Mid-Term class.

Final Paper is due on December 7th, 2000. Late papers will NOT be accepted. The paper should be turned in as a hard copy, not e-mailed as an electronic copy.

Select a computer industry related topic on which to write a research paper. The topic should be a current issue. Your paper should state your explicit Conclusion on the Topic, based on your research. The paper should specifically answer a question.

Among your sources, you should cite at least two from the Internet. The paper should be about 5 typed pages (double spaced), no more than 7 pages excluding the Bibliography Page and Table of Contents Page.

List your references on a "Bibliography" page, at the end of the paper, and place direct or indirect citations in double quotes. If you use a book or magazine article, be sure to quote the exact pages that you found the information.

Here is a Web example:

Within the paper, the Reference is denoted by a super script:

Joshua Allen States, "Current WebTV boxes are made by Sony and Philips Electronics." 1 Most are cheaper than PC's, and are easy to operate.


Bibliography Page

Web Sites:

1.) Allen, Joshua editor "WebTV plus for Satellite" Online source:

Books & Periodicals:


Be sure that the reader can easily access the web page that you cite. Make sure the reader can get to your web source by trying to get back to it yourself.


Here are some Sample Topics

( You do not have to choose one of these. )