CMSC 691B: Basic Research Skills

Spring 2006
Instructor: Marie desJardins

Last updated 4/19/06
Date Topic Reading Handouts/Links Assignments Due
1/30 Overview. Plagiarism. LaTeX.   Survey
Grading policies
LaTeX sample input file and output file
LaTeX tutorial input file and output file
Plagiarism exercise
Paraphrasing guidelines
Paper summary guidelines
ICML-03 reviewing form
Sample topics
Newman paper
Summary of Newman paper
2/1 Library resources. The reviewing process. Discussion of Parberry Classification/Analysis.
  • Zobel Ch. 10, 13
  • Peters Ch. 1, 2
  • Parberry, A Guide for New Referees in Theoretical Computer Science
  • Library exercise Survey
    2/6 In-depth paper analysis and critique.
  • Smith, The Task of the Referee
  • Cohen, Schapire, and Singer, Learning to Order Things
  • Kamishima and Akaho, Learning from Order Examples
  • Discussion questions
    Topic guidelines
    Paper summaries for Cohen et al. and Kamishima and Akaho
    2/8 Writing I: Organization, bibliographies.  BibTeX.
  • Zobel Ch. 1 and pp. 19-26
  • desJardins, How to Succeed in Graduate School
  • Purdue Online Writing Lab's APA citation guidelines
  • Annotated bibliography guidelines, LaTeX source, and BibTeX file
    Oren Patashnik, "BibTeXing"
    Plain (sorted) and unsorted annotated bibliography BibTeX style files 
    Levin and Rendell, How (and How Not) to Write a Good Systems Paper
    Chinneck, How to Organize Your Thesis
    2/13  In-depth survey analysis and critique. Neville, Rattigan, and Jensen, Statistical relational learning: Four claims and a survey
    Coello, An updated survey of GA-based multiobjective optimization techniques
    Literature survey tips
    Editing symbols
    Topic paragraph
    2/15 Writing II: Style, common errors.
  • Zobel Ch. 2-3
  • Peters Ch. 18
  • Slides
    Outside reader agreement
    Kajiya, How to Get Your SIGGRAPH Paper Rejected
    Library exercise
    2/20 How to give a good presentation.
  • Peters Ch. 20
  • Zobel Ch. 14
  • Slides
    Paper presentation feedback form  
    Mark Hill, Oral Presentation Advice
    Peyton-Jones et al., How to Give a Good Research Talk
    Winston, Some Lecturing Heuristics
    Patterson, How to Have a Bad Career in Research/Academia
    2/22 Research I: Finding a topic and advisor.
  • Peters Ch. 5, 6, 16
  • Slides
    Transcript of Hamming, You and Your Research
    CRA-W Career Mentoring Workshops Booklet (includes Berman's "Building a Research Career")

    2/27 Research II: Research topics cont.
  • Zobel Ch. 9
  •   Outside reader form
    Annotated bibliography
    2/29 Writing III: Tools.
  •  Zobel Ch. 4-5
  • Slides
    The Simplified LaTeX beginner's guide and tutorial
    The LaTeX Wikibook
    LateX Project home page
    CTAN: The Comprehensive TeX Archive Network FAQ
    Peter Flynn's Beginner's LaTeX
    The AMS Short Math Guide for LaTeX
    Keith Reckdahl's Using Imported Graphics in LaTeX2e
    JAIR format
    AAAI format
    SIGGRAPH format

    3/6 Research III: Empirical methodology.
  • Zobel Ch. 6-7
  • Slides
    Literature survey review form
    Literature survey outline
    3/8 Student paper presentations (4 @ 15 min.).
  • Zobel Ch. 8
  •   (Paper summaries)
    3/13 Student paper presentations (4 @ 15 min.)
  • Zobel Ch. 11

  • (Paper summaries)
    3/15 Student paper presentations (4 @ 15 min.).
  • Zobel Ch. 12
  •   Literature survey draft
    (Paper summaries)
    3/27 Faculty research presentations: Prof. Sergei Nirenburg; Mahesh Sivakumar (Ph.D. student of Prof. Krishna Sivalingam)

    Literature survey review.
    Dr. desJardins out of town.
    3/29  Faculty research presentations: Prof. Marc Olano, Prof. Penny Rheingans
    Dr. desJardins out of town.
    Publicity: CV, networking, website.

    Peters Ch. 13
    Marie's CV: PDF and LaTex source
    CV samples and guidelines
    Website samples and guidelines
    Susan Eggers, Networking and Professional Social Interaction
    Final literature survey
    4/5 Time management; success strategies.
    Peters Ch. 12, 18, 21, 22, 23
    Research paper guidelines
    H. T. Kung, Useful Things to Know About Ph.D. Thesis Research
    Janice Cuny, Time Management and Family Issues
    Research problem statement
    4/10 Research IV: Statistical methods. Guest lecturer: Prof. Tim Oates

      Dr. desJardins out of town. 
    Research V: Statistical methods. Guest lecturer: Prof. Tim Oates

    Dr. desJardins out of town. 
    4/17 Matlab and related tools. Guest lecturer: Dr. Matt Gaston (tentative)
        Research portfolio 
    4/19 Proposals; time management
    Proposal slides
    Time management slides
    Parberry, How to Present a Paper in Theoretical Computer Science

    Slide/presentation guidelines
    Presentation feedback form
    Research problem statement revision
    4/24 Research VI: Presenting Your Work Peters Ch. 17 Slides  
    4/26 Establishing a web presence. Guest lecturer: Prof. Tim Finin
    Student project presentations (2 @ 25 min.).
        Paper draft
    Student project presentations (2 @ 25 min.).
    Peters Ch. 24

    5/8 Student project presentations (2 @ 25 min.).     Paper review
    5/10 Student project presentations (3 @ 25 min.).      
    Student project presentations (3 @ 25 min.).

    Final paper
    5/? (Final exam slot)