Paper Presentations
CMSC 601, Spring 2012

DateTimeStudentPaper and link
Mon 3/121:00 Petr Babkin Collusion detection and prevention with FIRE+ trust and reputation model (CIT'10)
1:10 Ravi Teja Koganti
1:20 Richard Van Tassel Fully automatic recognition of the temporal phases of facial actions (TSMC 2012)
1:30 Zhongwei Wang An introduction to Hidden Markov Models (IEEE ASSP 1986)
1:40 Isaac Mativo Securing personal health records in cloud computing (Soc. Informatics and Telecomm. Eng. 2010)
1:50 Yin Huang Classification and novel class detection in concept-drifting data streams under time constraints (TKDE 2011)
2:00 Ravendar Lal Media meets semantic web: How the BBC uses DBpedia and linked data to make connections (ESWC'09)
Wed 3/141:00Morgan Madeira Predicting tie strength with social media (CHI'09)
1:10 Craig Pfeifer Domain adaptation with structural correspondence learning (EMNLP '06)
1:20 Alexander Pole Temporal difference learning and TD-Gammon" (CACM 1995)
1:30 Colin Taylor Building a baby (CogSci'96)
1:40 Paul Halvorsen Real-time detection of fast flux service networks (Conf. Homeland Sec. 2009)
1:50 Payal Singh Multivariate glyphs for multi-object clusters (InfoVis'05)