Project Presentation Schedule


Spring 1998

This is the presentation schedule for CMSC 791A. Note that presentations may not be given in the order in which they're listed for each day. CMSC 791A meets at 5:30 PM in the CSEE Conference room (ECS 210I). All are welcome to attend these presentations.

5 May 1998 (Tue):

7 May 1998 (Thu):

12 May 1998 (Tue):

Presentation Guidelines

Each presentation should be no more than 25 minutes long, including about 3-4 minutes for questions. I will give each presenter a 1 minute warning at 22 minutes and cut off the talk at 23 minutes to make sure there's time for questions.

Final Papers

Note that papers aren't due at the time of the presentation, but rather at the start of the final exam period for this class, which is scheduled for 6-8 PM on Tuesday, May 19th. Final papers must be emailed (PostScript or PDF) or turned in at my office (ECS 225L) by 6 PM on 19 May 1998. Late papers will not be accepted. If you e-mail your paper, it is your responsibility to make sure that your paper can be viewed by ghostview or acroread on retriever.

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