Fall ‘06

CMSC 681 : Advanced Computer Networks

TuTh: 1:00pm-2:15pm, ITE 241

Course Faculty

                      Dr. Deepinder Sidhu, Professor, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

                      Office: ITE 347, Tel: 455-3028 or 3063

                      Office Hours: TBD     

Teaching Assistant

                      Pankaj Chaudhari, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

                      Office Hours: ITE 353 , Wed 11am-12 noon, TuTh 3pm -4pm                     

                      Email : pankaj2@umbc.edu


                       Lecture and Review for final exam will be held on Tuesday 12th December, during the regular class timings

                       IMPORTANT : Final Exam is rescheduled due to the University policy and will now be conducted as per the Registrar's Final Exam Schedule

                       (RESCHEDULED, see above)Final Exam on Tuesday, December 12th 2006, in class, 1 pm to 2.15 pm

                       Exam 2 on Tuesday, November 21st 2006, in class, 1 pm to 2.15 pm, Topics uploaded below

                       Homework 4 uploaded below(Due: Tuesday 14 Nov.)

                       Additions to Reference section below.

                       Exam Topics are updated below !!!

                       Homework-2 published (Completed)

                       See below for Homework-1 Solution

                       Exam1 will be held on 17th October 2006, in class, 1 pm to 2.15 pm , see below for details

                       Homework-1 Problem Definition Updated

                       Homework-1 published (Completed)

                       Please note that, starting from Tuesday, September 18th 2006, Classes will held in the classroom ITE 241 instead of ITE 229

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Reference Papers

                       Multicast LANs

                       RFC2453 RIP 2

                       RFC1058 RIP

                       RFC3168 ECN

                       RFC2581 TCP Congestion Control

                       A taxanomny for congestion control algorithms in packet switching networks

                       Random Early Detection Gateways for Congestion Avoidance

                       Analysis of the Increase and Decrease Algorithms for Congestion Avoidance in Computer Networks

                       Formal Methods For Protocol Testing: A Detailed Study, Dr. Deepinder Sidhu

                       On Testing Heirarchies for Protocols, Dr. Deepinder Sidhu


                       Homework-4 (Due: Tuesday 14 Nov.)

                       Homework-2 (Completed)

                       Homework-1 (Completed)  Solution

Course Objectives

                      Study advanced topics in the design, implementation and operations of data networks

Course Material

                      S. Keshav, An Engineering Approach to Computer Networking, Addison-Wesley, 1997

                      Research Papers and Internet Drafts/RFCs

You Should Know

                      Basic networking concepts covered in, for example, A. Tanenbaum, Computer Networks,4th Edition

Course Topics

            1.         Network Protocols

                        a.         Network Models: ISO, TCP/IP, LANs, ATM

                        b.         Protocol Design

                        c.         Protocol Verification

                        d.         Protocol Testing

            2.         Error Control

                        a.         Backward/Forward Error Correction

                        b.         Reliable Data Transfer

                        c.         Error Detecting/Correcting Codes

                        d.         Error Control In HDLC, ATM and Internet Protocols

            3.         Switching And Routing

                        a.         LAN Technologies

                        b.         Bridging, Switching and Routing

                        c.         Virtual LANs(VLANs)

                        d.         RIP,OSPF and BGP

            4.         Congestion Control

                        a.         Congestion Control/Avoidance

                        b.         Increase/Decrease Algorithm

                        c.         TCP Congestion Control

                        d.         Fairness in Congestion Control

            5.         Multicast Communications

                        a.         Multicasting

                        b.         IGMP

                        c.         DVMRP,PIM,CBT

            6.         Quality of Service

                        a.         QoS Scheduling

                        b.         IntServ

                        c.         DiffServ

                        d.         MPLS

            7.         Network Security

                        a.         Cryptographic Security

                        b.         Public Key Infrastructure(PKI)

                        c.         Internet Protocol Security(IPSec)

                        d.         Internet Key Exchange(IKE/ISAKMP)

                        e.         IPSec-Based VPNs

                        f.         Security Firewalls and NATs

Project Topics

                      WDM Technologies

                      Wireless/Mobile Technologies

                      Security Technologies

                      QoS Technologies

                      Semantic Web Technologies


                      One week to finish an assignment

                      Late assignment will not be accepted

Grading Policy


17th October 2006, 1pm to 2.15pm


Topics : Everything covered in the class till Tuesday, 10th October 2006
1. Protocol Verification, Validation.
2. Testing Protocols(UIO,DS)
3. Error Detection and Correction(Parity, Polynomial code)
4. TCP/IP Layer
5. Chapter 1 & 2 of book(upto section 2.5)


21st November 2006, 1pm to 2.15pm


Topics :
1. ATM
2. Frame Relay
3. Congestion Control(All papers uploaded above)
4. RIP and RIP 2(links given above)
5. OSPF(topics covered in class on Thursday 16th Nov)

Final Exam

As Per the Registrar's Final Exam Schedule


1.OSPF and RIP (from the Previous Exam)
2. IPv6 and IPSec
3. Chapers 12,13 from the text(IGMP,Broadcast, Multicast)
4. Bridges, MAC
5. Switching vs. routing
6. Self learning switches - Routing
7. Ethernet basics, CSMA-CD
8. Reverse path flooding,forwarding and broadcasting(Section 4 from the "Multicast Routing in Datagram Internetworks and Extended LANs" Paper)

Assignments and Projects

Announced in Assignments Section