Homework #4

CMSC 611, Fall 1998

Assigned: Tuesday, October 20, 1998

Due Tuesday, October 27, 1998 (in class)

  1. Problem 4.4 in the text. In addition, calculate the speedup gained from unrolling and scheduling the loop.
  2. Problem 4.8 in the text.
  3. You are trying to improve the speed of a CPU with branch prediction by using a branch prediction buffer. The misprediction penalty for the buffer is 4 cycles, and the miss penalty for the buffer is 2 cycles. Branches successfully predicted do not stall the processor. If branches hit in the buffer 85% of the time and the buffer is 90% accurate, how much faster (or slower) is this scheme than a CPU that has a fixed penalty of 2 cycles for taken branches and 0 cycles for non-taken branches? Assume that branches make up 15% of the instructions executed and that the base CPI is 1.2.
  4. Problem 4.20 from the text.
  5. Problem B.2 from the text.
  6. Problem B.3 (parts a-e only).

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