CMSC 671 - Student Presentation Schedule

Fall 2001


Class topic

Presentation topic


Student presenting

Thurs 9/20 Constraint satisfaction K-consistency Kumas and Bartak articles  Rory Mulvaney
Min-conflict heuristic Minton article  
Thurs 9/27 Game playing Deep Blue IBM article, Scientific American article and analysis  Luke Tang
Tues 10/2 Go playing Burmeister and Wiles webpage  Joel Sachs
Tues 10/9 Philosophy of AI / Chinese Room experiment Searle article  Csaba Rosgonyi
    Propositional logic Ethics of AI Hall article  
Thurs 10/11 Propositional and first-order logic Frame problem Frame problem website; Morgenstern article  Devina Desai
Tues 10/23 The breadth of AI Machine translation John Hutchins website
Hutchins, history of MT
AMTA, EAMT websites
 Yue Cui
Statistical NLP Stanford SNLP website
HLT survey - chap. 11
 Akshay Java
XML/Semantic Web Scientific American article
Semantic Web home page
 Ritesh Garodia
Thurs 10/25 Planning Partial Order Planning constraints Weld overview paper
original UCPOP paper
UCPOP website
 Sowmya Ponugoti
Tues 10/30 Practical planning and execution Job shop scheduling Scheduling Benchmarks website
Jain paper
 Qianjun Xu
Allen's temporal constraints Allen paper
Longer Allen paper
 Mithun Sheshagiri
NASA's Remote Agent    
Thurs 11/1 Planning Intelligent tutoring systems Rickel paper
Newcastle website (links)
 Xuanxuan Su
Tues 11/6 Uncertainty Fuzzy logic Fuzzy Logic Tutorial
Fuzzy Logic Tutorial II
 Jeff Undercoffer
Thurs 11/8 Uncertainty Graphplan/SATplan Weld paper
Graphplan home page
Kautz and Selman paper
 Yongmei Shi
Tues 11/12 Uncertainty Dempster-Shafer reasoning  Kevin Atkinson
Thurs 11/15 Knowledge engineering Sisyphus III evaluations Sisyphus Projects page
The Myth of Sisyphus
Sisyphus/KA research paper
 Shari Holstege
Protege project Protege home page
Protege paper
CommonKADS CommonKADS paper
CommonKADS home page
 Fang Huang
Tues 11/20 Learning Version spaces Russell & Norvig Chap. 18.5
Mitchell text, Chap. 2
 Olga Streltchenko
k-Nearest Neighbor Mitchell text, Chap. 8  Dipanjan Chakraborty
Tues 11/27 Neural networks Backpropagation Russell & Norvig Chap. 9.4
Brain Wave backprop tutorial
 Chih-Yun Lin
Cascade-Correlation Cascade Correlation paper
Tutorial on cascade correlation
 Sohel Merchant
Tues 12/4 Knowledge-based and Inverse resolution Russell & Norvig Chap. 21.4
Inductive Logic Prog. page
Another ILP page
 Mike Smith
    unsupervised learning KBANN Towell & Shavlik paper  
k-means clustering Clustering tutorial page
k-means example
 Filip Perich
Thurs 12/6 Perception and vision Image segmentation Russell & Norvig 24.1-24.4
Image segmentation notes
Comparison of algorithms
 Nitin Rane
Object recognition Russell & Norvig 24.6
Object recognition notes
Overview page
 Ameeta Jakate
Speech recognition Russell & Norvig 24.7
Spoken Language overview
Speech recognition tutorial
 Payal Mistry
Tues 12/11 Robotics Sensing modalities    
Motion planning Russell & Norvig 25.6
Navigation research overview
Motion Planning game (I haven't tried this!)
 Priyang Rathod
Behavior-based robotics BBR book (see Marie!)
Russell & Norvig 25.4
 Don McFarland