1. Title: Design of Distributed Data Mining Applications on the KNOWLEDGE GRID.
Authors: Mario Cannataro, Domenico Talia, and Paolo Trunfio.

2. Title: Discovering Clusters in High-Dimensional Noisy Feature Spaces Using a
Dynamic Agglomerative Decimation (DAD) Clustering Algorithm.
Authors: Youngser Park and Peter Bock

3. Title: Systems Support for High-Performance Scientific Data Mining.
Authors: Gagan Agrawal, Ruoming Jin, Raghu Machiraju, Srini Parthasarathy

4. Title: Automatic semantic acquisition through text mining techniques.
Authors: Michael Pan, Rob Raskin.

5. Title: Knowledge Discovery from Spatio-Temporal Data for Hydroclimatological
Studies: Concepts and Open problems. Authors: Praveen Kumar and Amanda

6. Title: Automatically Generated DAML Markup for Semistructured Documents
Authors: William Krueger, Jonathan Nilsson, Tim Oates, Timothy Finin.

7. Title: Pattern Discovery in Data Hypercubes.
Authors: Jia Li and HongYuan Zha

8. Title: Characterizing Visitors to a Website Across Multiple Sessions
Authors: Arindam Banerjee and Joydeep Ghosh


1. Title: Agent-based Imagery and Geospatial Computing in Support of Counter Terrorism
Participants: James Nolan, Arun Sood, Robert Simon, Daniel Barbara, and David Schum

2. Title: Distributed Data Mining for Pervasive and Privacy Preserving Applications
Participants: Ruchita Bhargava, Patrick Blair, Mike Powers, Kun Liu, Hiren Shah, Souptik Dutta, Sweta Pittie, Xiaoli Jiao, and Hillol Kargupta

3. Title: Artificial Immune Systems and Data Mining: Bridiging the Gap with Scalability and Improved Learning
Participants: Olfa Nasraoui, Fabio Gonzalez, Cesar Cardona, Dipankar Dasgupta