Earn $5500 in the 2014 Google Summer of Code program

If you have good software skills and are still looking for a summer internship, check out the 2014 Google Summer of Code program. You can earn $5500 by coding for an open source software project this summer. You will probably work remotely, but in close collaboration with a mentor at one of over 100 participating organizations. To maximize your chances, explore the organizations and find one that needs your skills. Details here; apply by Friday, March 21.

VP of AOL Networks talks about online advertising, Noon Mon. ITE014

Grant English, VP Engineering, Advertising Technologies at AOL Networks (aka Advertising.com) in Baltimore will visit and give a talk from Noon to 1:00pm on Monday, 24 February 2014 in Lecture Hall 7 (ITE104) at UMBC. In his talk, he will describe AOL’s Adtech advertisement serving platform, its underlying system architecture, and what his development team does.

He will also dive deep into how new online and mobile technologies makes money, focusing it to computer science and engineering students. There will be a free lunch.

Please RSVP for the event here.

NET/WORK Baltimore has 18 startups looking to hire

Eighteen Baltimore-area startups and organizations looking to hire technology talent will participate in NET/WORK Baltimore from 4:00pm to 7:00pm on Thursday, February 20 at Emerging Technology Center (101 N. Haven St., Baltimore).

The companies are focused on a variety of sectors, including cybersecurity, game development, mobile computing, web design, education, healthcare and more.

Tickets are $5 (free for students with ID) and include free professional headshots and a happy hour 6:00-7:00. RSVP here.

IEEE Job Search Workshop

IEEE – Job Search Workshop

12:00-1:00 Monday, 11 November 2013, ITE LH 7

Join IEEE for a job search workshop. A Career Services’ expert will give a presentation tailored for STEM grad students. Learn about job search techniques that work best for those in a STEM major and start your search now.

It could take up to 9 months to find a job after graduation… Don’t wait until your last year to start looking for a job.

Kick start your job search with us, November 11th, at noon, in Lecture Hall 7. No matter where you are in your studies, it’s never too early to start job searching. Lunch will be served!

RSVP online.

JOB: Autodesk Scaleform (Greenbelt, MD)

Autodesk Scaleform, makers of popular user interface libraries for video games, have two positions open in their Greenbelt, MD office:

Graphics/Rendering Engineer:


Software Engineer:


RA: Smart Plug-based Appliance Energy Profiling & Prediction Portal for Green Buildings


Research Assistantship Available

Smart Plug-based Appliance Energy Profiling and

Prediction Portal for Green Buildings

New emerging “smart plugs” embed a micro-controller and low-power communication device that allows you to monitor the power consumption of individual devices (e.g., microwave, coffee machine, laptop) plugged into power sockets, and communicate such power consumption information over a wireless network to a central monitoring station. Such devices could lead to substantial savings of energy and money by enabling Internet-based monitoring and real-time control of the behavior of individual appliances. This project will use real-life microcontroller kits (ACME Plugs from Moteware) and real-life building measurement data to explore whether such measurement-based monitoring can be used to:

  • Develop Smart Circuit Breaker — i.e., to lessen the burden of the user of plugging each and every appliance/device in the building with a smart plug; we will investigate connecting multiple devices together with an individual smart plug/smart circuit breaker and design a smart circuit breaker using energy metering chip (ADE7753), AC/DC power supply, Microcontroller with radio (TI MSP430F16 and CC2420 radio supported by TinyOS) and solid state AC relay (Sharp S216SE1) etc.
  • Profile individual devices — i.e., use NILM (non-intrusive load monitoring) data analytics algorithm on the time-series of power consumption traces to infer the type of plugged-in device (e.g., distinguish between a laptop & a coffeemaker), thereby building a dynamic catalog of the types & number of devices connected by a consumer.
  • Predict the power consumption of individual rooms — i.e., using the past history of the power consumption of individual devices to create predictive inferences of the usage patterns for individual devices (e.g., learn that the individual switches on a dehumidifier for ~3 hrs every Thursday).

Expertise: Technical knowledge of standard time-series & statistical mining techniques (e.g., regression, support vector machines) is needed. Significant programming knowledge of Java & ability to create simple Web Applications is a must. Knowledge of TinyOS, Embedded System and Networking protocols is a plus, although not essential. The project will utilize real ACME plugs, which are programmed using TinyOS & which communicate using a ZigBee radio.

Please contact Dr. Nirmalya Roy at for research assistantship for this project.

JOB: Agnik seeks web developers interns (Columbia, MD)

Agnik is looking for highly skilled web developers proficient in C# and Javascript at the intern level.

Agnik is a data analytics company located in Columbia, Maryland for distributed, mobile, and embedded environments. Agnik's products are powered by a collection of powerful technologies, including distributed data mining, private and secure multi-party data mining, and mobile and embedded data stream management and mining. Agnik is a leader in the field of data stream mining for distributed environments with a long history in research and development by its co-founders, who include UMBC PRofessor Hillol Kargupta.

Experienced Smart phone App developers for Android and iPhone are also welcome to apply. Familiarity with database management systems will be a strong plus. You need to be eligible to work off-campus.

The position starts immediately. We need to be able to work at least 20 hrs/week and should be able to commute to Columbia, MD. Payment is commensurate with experience. If you are interested then send your resume to

JOBS: intern at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

The Office of Science and Technology Policy is currently accepting applications for its Spring 2014 Internship Program. The application deadline is 11:59pm Friday, October 4, 2013. Students who are U.S. citizens and who will be actively enrolled during the Spring 2014 semester are welcome to apply. 

About OSTP. The Office of Science and Technology Policy advises the President on the effects of science and technology on domestic and international affairs. The office serves as a source of scientific and technological analysis and judgment for the President with respect to major policies, plans and programs of the Federal Government.

About the Internship Program. Interns are accepted for one of three annual terms (Spring, Summer, or Fall), which each last no more than 90 days. While these positions are without compensation, the assignments provide educational enrichment, practical work experience, and network opportunities with other individuals in the science and technology policy arena.

More information about the OSTP Internship Program is available online.  For questions, contact Rebecca Grimm rgrimm at ostp.eop.gov.

Postdoc available in NSF-funded Ecosynth project

A full-time postdoctoral research associate position is available in the Ecosynth Project funded by NSF’s Advances in Bioinformatics Program and led by UMBC Professors Erle Ellis and Marc Olano. The Ecosynth project is developing advanced tools for mapping, measuring, and visualizing vegetation in 3D using off-the-shelf digital cameras from the ground and on low-altitude hobbyist aircraft, coupled with open source and new computer vision algorithms. High resolution 3D scanning and spectral imaging are transforming ecological science, forest inventory, carbon monitoring and biodiversity assessment.

Ecosynth makes these advances accessible broadly to ecologists and citizen scientists on demand by means of low-cost portable 3D observing and visualization systems built on publicly available hardware and open-source software. For more information on the postion see the position announcement.

JOB: .NET/SQL programming for DCI in Annapolis

With offices in Washington, DC and Annapolis, MD — DCI provides strategic consulting to large federal contractors with its staff of Masters and PhD Industrial Psychologists.

As a small and growing firm, DCI currently has 20 staff members and is looking to add a recent computer science graduate to assist with software development.  This is a great opportunity to create a new position at our firm and run entire development projects from start to finish.  The successful candidate will be a team player, able to independently create and deliver software solutions as requested by the consulting staff, as well as interact with clients to resolve technical issues.  DCI’s core software is developed in SQL and .NET and functions as a plug-in to Microsoft CRM.  Required skills and experience include:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework development
  • Windows GUI application development
  • Microsoft Access and/or SQL Server database development
  • Report development (e.g., XML, SQL reports)
  • Software development/testing cycle knowledge and experience
  • Technical writing (end-user documentation) experience preferred

Hours/Location:  Office hours are 9AM – 5PM in our downtown Annapolis, MD office (115 West St)

Contact:  Brian Pirko, VP at:  

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