Internships at Oracle Labs for IR/NLP/ML

oracle labs


The Information Retrieval and Machine Learning group at Oracle Labs is looking for highly motivated interns for both Spring and Summer 2015. The candidate should be proficient in Machine Learning and/or Statistical NLP.

Their current focus is in the areas of search, information extraction, including entity extraction and linking, relationship extraction, sentiment analysis as well as topic models. Other focus areas include parallel and distributed inference algorithms, deep learning and word embeddings, graphical models and transfer learning.

Research experience in any of these areas is strongly preferred. The candidate should also have good implementation skills in Java, Scala or other common language of choice.

They are located in Burlington, MA, and the candidate would need to relocate to this area. They are open to both Masters and PhD candidates, but PhD candidates are preferred. Send your CV to <mailto:> for applications or questions about the position. Oracle is an equal opportunity employer.

Student Job: CSEE Undergraduate Grader or Teaching Assistant

Click here to apply.
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JOBS: Intern Scientist, Yahoo Labs

Intern Scientist, Yahoo Labs (Job Number: 1450702)

Yahoo Labs sets the course for the future. We’re Yahoo’s incubator for bold scientific experimentation. We specialize in deep, creative thought on the company’s hardest technical problems, and hire amazing research scientists and engineers who serve as Yahoo’s most forward-looking thinkers. We stretch the limits of theory, we apply novel ideas in practice, and we experiment. We love challenging problems, we love bleeding-edge technology, and we love data.

Yahoo Labs is one of the most highly collaborative places you’ll ever see. Partnerships abound within our own teams, with all key product teams, and with the international scientific community. We’ll challenge your brain every day, and when you succeed you’ll change the lives of hundreds of millions of people, allowing them to do things they never dreamed they could do. Come join us and use your scientific background to drive Yahoo-scale innovation!

A Little About Us

Yahoo Labs is pioneering the new sciences underlying the Web. As the center of scientific excellence for Yahoo, Yahoo Labs delivers both fundamental and applied scientific leadership through published research and new technologies powering the company’s products.

Your Opportunity

We are looking for exceptional PhD student who want to work with us in our intern program for the summer of 2015. We will have openings in the US (New York City, Sunnyvale) and other locations. We seek world-class graduate students in pursuit of a PhD in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, or a related area. We are particularly interested in students working on Machine Learning, algorithms, Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Representation, HCI, Multimedia, Mobile Innovations, search (systems or algorithms), collaborative filtering, auctions, mechanism design, linear algebra, Systems or analysis of large data. Ideal candidates will have finished at least 2 years of graduate work.

Your Day

  • Work with scientists to perform original research
  • Apply scientific thinking and techniques to improve the performance
    and effectiveness of our products
  • Solve problems for our users and advertisers by analyzing mountains
    of data
  • Have the opportunity to publish your work and expand the horizons
    of web science

You Must Have

  • Currently working on the PhD degree, preferably in Computer
    Science, Mathematics, Statistics, or related area.
  • Finished at least 2 years of graduate work
  • Have some experience in Machine Learning, algorithms, Natural
    Language Processing, Knowledge Representation, HCI, Multimedia,
    Mobile Innovations, search (systems or algorithms), collaborative
    filtering, auctions, mechanism, design, linear algebra, systems, or
    analysis of large data Learning, algorithms, Natural Language
    Processing, Knowledge Representation, HCI, Multimedia, Mobile
    Innovations, search (systems or algorithms), collaborative
    filtering, auctions, mechanism, design, linear algebra, systems, or
    analysis of large data
  • A CV with strong recommendations from your graduate advisor


Cybersecurity-related internship at Ridgeback Network Defense, Inc.

Ridgeback Internship


Ridgeback Network Defense, Inc. is seeking motivated interns to assist with building a cybersecurity device.

  • Paid position, 90 day duration, 20-30 hours per week, starting late November or December.
  • The location would be in the UMBC CyberHive on the UMBC campus.
  • Expertise in C++ is a must. All other criteria are highly desirable.
  • Educational attainment is of minimal importance compared to all other criteria.

Criteria for Candidate Selection

  • Highly skilled at C++ (minimum requirement, must have significant expertise)
  • Knowledge of, or experience with, low-level systems programming (e.g., has written a device driver for an operating system)
  • Understanding of various AI techniques (e.g., has implemented a computer opponent in a game)
  • Understanding of various pattern recognition techniques (e.g., has written software to perform data transformation or analysis)
  • Affinity for hacking (the traditional sense of the term; e.g., programs microcontrollers as a hobby)
  • High degree of initiative (e.g., regularly learns new subjects or engages in technical projects outside of school)
  • High degree of self-confidence (e.g., enjoys projects in unfamiliar fields)
  • Achievement or goal oriented (e.g., sets and works toward specific objectives)

Contact Thomas Phillips () with any questions or inquiries.

Summer research internships at Verisign Labs, Reston VA


POSITION: Verisign Labs Internships; Summer 2015

Verisign is the entity responsible for running .COM and .NET, two of DNS’ root instances, and a number of other top level domains; answering 80+ billion queries daily. Not just a leader in the domain industry, the company is also a prominent provider of DDOS protection and a suite of security services.

Verisign Labs, founded just a few years ago, is the operational research lab that generates insights from this wealth of Internet-scale routing and security data. Proprietary data sets, a computing infrastructure built for ‘big data’, and a diverse team of expert researchers are among our most prominent assets.

We are seeking highly motivated summer interns to work with our research scientists on existing and emerging topic areas in our research portfolio. Interns work closely with one or more mentors on a well-defined topic area. Past years’ intern work has resulted in internal product advancements, intellectual property (i.e., patents), and externally facing conference/journal publications. Given Verisign’s broad business capabilities and the diversity of our scientists’ expertise, the Lab seeks interns from a breadth of disciplines. Current projects include DNS privacy/security/stability, large-scale data analytics, DDoS defense, reputation and behavioral modeling, NLP over domain names, and future Internet design — and this is just a small sampling of the topics that our researchers tackle.

In addition to research work, interns participate in programming that embraces the technical, business, and social opportunities the summer provides. These include technical talks, research huddles, social events, and an intern-specific speaker series. The summer concludes with a poster session that gives interns an opportunity to present their work to Verisign’s thought and business leaders.

Verisign Labs is located in Verisign, Inc.’s global headquarters, in Reston, Virginia. The office is in Reston Town Center, an exciting cultural area with a great social atmosphere and close to plenty of outdoor activities. Reston is just about 20 miles from Washington, DC (with metro access), and is a great place to spend an exciting summer doing cutting edge research and relaxing in (and around) the nation’s capital.


  • Work with technology and business leaders to identify pertinent research questions.
  • Perform research tasks under the guidance of a Verisign thought leader.
  • Document and present research results in appropriate forums (internal and external).


  • Current enrollment in a US-based PhD or MS degree program in Computer Science or a related field; PhD students are preferred.
  • Availability for ~12 weeks of summer 2015 and a willingness to relocate to Reston, VA for that period. There is some flexibility with respect to start dates and duration.
  • Involvement in applied/operational research; publications are a significant plus (send a complete CV).
  • Experience in one or more of the following technology areas:
    • Internet infrastructure and application protocols, including TCP/IP, DNS, BGP, and HTTP.
    • Internet security and privacy, including DDoS, DNSSEC, and authentication.
    • Internet profiling and measurement, including crawling and content analysis.
    • Applied machine-learning, especially the extraction of metadata and NLP features.
    • Big data technologies (Hadoop, Hive, Pig) and statistical analysis.
    • Strong interpersonal and communications skills.



See Flyer here

Baltimore Tech Super Meetup, 5-8pm Sat 9/13, Betamore, Baltimore


Baltimore has an active technology community comprised of researchers and developers from companies, startups, consultancies and academe. There will be a Super Meetup event Baltimore Innovation Week 2014 that will draw on the more than 30 Baltimore area meetup groups focused on different technologies.

The Super Meetup will be held from 5:00pm to 8:00pm on Saturday, September 13, 2014 at Betamore (1111 Light Street, 4th Floor, Baltimore, MD map).

This is a good opportunity for students to network with Baltimore-area developers and find leads for internships and full-time jobs.

“Like last year, in the spirit of coming together to celebrate tech and innovation in this great community, we are hosting a Super Meetup of all the local tech-related Meetups.

Come have a beer, grab a snack and get to know one another at Betamore. Meetup organizers will each give a shout out about their respective groups.”

Join the Super Meetup and RSVP here.

JOB: eFX Data Scientist for State Street

eFX Data Scientist, AVP

Job Role:
Quantitative Analysis, Global Markets Sales & Trading, Boston



Purpose of Role:
To enhance the bank’s real-time Electronic FX market making trading system, improving quality and distinctiveness of price generation and risk management.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Analyze proprietary order flow data to find patterns in client behavior, using results to improve client pricing and optimize risk management.
  • Analyze large, high frequency time series data sets and develop short term price forecasting models.
  • Using public and proprietary data, identify new opportunities to increase trading volume and generate new business.
  • Justify models/algorithms through appropriate out-of-sample backtesting periods and cross-validation techniques. Evaluate performance in practice and provide further improvements as needed.
  • Develop research all the way from prototype to production.

Specific Qualifications/ Experience:

  • Masters and/or PhD in Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Statistics or related field
  • Knowledge of big data lake structures, algorithms and techniques including classification, clustering, and regression.
  • Experience implementing data analytics techniques within an academic research setting and/or real business problems.

Level of Education:

  • Masters and/or PHD

Skills interpersonal, numerical, problem-solving, analytical, etc

  • Object oriented programming skills: Java or C++.
  • Proficiency in statistical packages such as Matlab, Python or R.
  • Solid statistical foundations
  • Familiar with Hadoop frameworks.

Dispositionmotivation, team skills, ability to work under pressure, etc

  • Pragmatic mindset – research should be targeted at solving business problems and improving profitability.
  • Good communication skills are required to interact with management, traders, salespeople, developers and clients.
  • Self-motivated and with ability to work with minimal supervision.

The complete job listing can be found here.

Interested individuals should send their resume directly to:

Toby J. Wade
State Street Global Markets
twade at statestreet dot com
+ 1 617 664-4150

JOB: Advanced Website Developer for Northpoint Fundraising, LLC

Northpoint is a free online fundraising tool that helps schools, teams, and organizations
raise money and awareness with apparel and promotional products. Founded in 2010, NP is undergoing a
significant revamp, integrating several new online user interface (UI) tools that will increase efficiency and
participation. Northpoint is seeking additional team members to support development of integral parts of the
website and mobile applications. Northpoint’s existing team currently consists of a web developer, web
designer, and project manager. Most of the Northpoint team members live in different areas of the country,
and for that reason, most correspondence is conducted through phone, email, and video conference.

The chosen web developer(s) should be self-sufficient and have experience with:

  • Web-based CMS (Content Management System) (i.e. Joomla)
  • PHP
  • JQuery
  • Ajax
  • Databases
  • PHP Sessions
  • MVC – Model-View-Controller style programming
  • CSS

As a growing company, development responsibilities may vary or change, but this is a part-time position. The
chosen web developer should be flexible, able to allot time the necessary amount to this effort, and produce
high-quality work. The development responsibilities will be discussed in more depth after initial

Due to high expectations of the position, integral involvement in the growth of the company, and necessary
commitment to the company’s success, compensation will be in the form of equity (i.e. ownership) and/or
royalties of Northpoint Fundraising, LLC. Terms and conditions shall be discussed and agreed upon prior to
beginning any work.

If you are interested in this opportunity or have questions, I encourage you to contact me at
as soon as possible. Please include a statement of qualifications/résumé (not
required), and a reference to any applicable websites or projects that would support qualification for this
position (not required, but may be requested).

Summer internship with Concurrent Technologies Corp., Annapolis Junction

Concurrent Technologies Corporation ( is trying to fill a internship with an undergrad with good software skills to start as soon as possible in their Annapolis Junction, MD facility. If you meet the qualifications and are interested, please follow the directions at the end of this announcement.

Are you ready to start your career at a corporation with a respected national reputation for solving complex technical challenges? Become a part of our team. Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) has an opportunity for qualified Software Development Intern.


Primary Responsibilities: CTC is offering a Participative Internship Program (PIP), which is a twelve week, technically focused group internship experience. The PIP is a mix of direct project work coupled with a relevant research project and end of internship presentation. It is a structured internship program providing student mentorship, leadership, technical subject matter expertise, and competency development opportunities.

The research project will include an evaluation of leading edge cloud, mobile, and virtual application based solutions enabling the integration and/or mobility of CTC’s highly scalable Cross Domain Solutions.

Basic Qualifications:

• Qualifying applicants should have course expertise in software development and best practices.

• Should be capable of handling multiple roles (development of software, writing test plans and test cases, requirements traceability, leading test teams) in a team-based environment.

• Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science or related discipline.

• Must have course familiarity with object-oriented software design and development using languages such as VBA, Java, C and/or C++ and basic computer networking knowledge and Familiarity with iOS and Android development.

• Hadoop, Groovy, Graph Database, iOS, Android and MongoDB experience are considered a plus.

Clearance: U.S. Citizenship.
Join us! Qualified candidates should submit their resumes online at:
Email: or
Reference Code: SR # 2014-0064

Summer research opportunity in Green Building Environments at UMBC

NSF REU 2014

Research Experiences for Undergraduates
in Green Building Environments at UMBC

May 28 – August 15, 2014

New emerging “smart plugs” embed a micro-controller and low-power communication device that allows you to monitor the power consumption of individual devices (e.g., microwave, coffee machine, laptop) plugged into power sockets, and communicate such power consumption information over a wireless network to a central monitoring station. Such devices could lead to substantial savings of energy & money by enabling Internet-based monitoring & real-time control of the behavior of individual appliances. This project will use real-life microcontroller kits (ACME Plugs from Moteware) & real-life building measurement data to explore whether such measurement-based monitoring can be used to

  • Develop Smart Circuit Breaker — i.e., to lessen the burden of the user of plugging each and every appliance/device in the building with a smart plug; we will investigate connecting multiple devices together with an individual smart plug/smart circuit breaker and design a smart circuit breaker using energy metering chip (ADE7753), AC/DC power supply, Microcontroller with radio (TI MSP430F16 and Cypress Powerline Communications (PLC) modem) and solid state AC relay (Sharp S216SE1) etc.
  • Profile individual devices — i.e., use NILM (non-intrusive load monitoring) data analytics algorithm on the time-series of power consumption traces to infer the type of plugged-in device (e.g., distinguish between a laptop & a coffeemaker), thereby building a dynamic catalog of the types & number of devices connected by a consumer.
  • Predict the power consumption of individual rooms — i.e., using the past history of the power consumption of individual devices to create predictive inferences of the usage patterns for individual devices (e.g., learn that the individual switches on a dehumidifier for ~3 hrs every Thu).
  • Receive $4,500 stipend, free on-campus housing
  • Access to university resources, Travel support to UMBC, Unique research experience

Please send your CV (include any relevant experience) and unofficial transcript to Dr. Nirmalya Roy at .

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