$ git remote <graduation>


Here is an opportunity for students (undergrad and grad) who will graduate anytime in 2020 (i.e., May, August, or December) and use GitHub. 

$ git remote <graduation> is an online graduation ceremony being held by GitHub to celebrate recent (and planned) graduates of the Class of 2020.  If you have a GitHub account, you can apply to participate by midnight (PDT) Monday, May 25.

If you do, you’ll be recognized by GitHub, get some swag mailed to you, and may be selected for highlighting during the live-stream event on the GitHub Education Twitch Channel at Noon ET on Monday, 15 June 2020.

You can apply on GitHub by following the detailed instructions in this GitHub repository. There are three ‘tiers’ to the celebration.

Tiers reward the effort graduates make for this celebration. By adding yourself to the yearbook and writing a post on DEV, you will get access to extra benefits. Make sure you submit your pull request before midnight Monday, May 25th PDT.

Tier 1 ✉: Add yourself to the Yearbook by submitting a pull request to this repository and filling the swag shipping form.

Tier 2 🛍: Follow the steps on Tier 1 and write a post on DEV about a project you’ve built while being a student. You can use this template to get started!

Tier 3 🏅: The best project posts on DEV will be highlighted live on stream during the graduation.”

We thank Computing Engineering alumna Sarah Khalife (BS ‘14) who now works at GitHub for sharing this opportunity with us.