CMSC 201, Computer Science I (section for non-CS/non-CE majors)

Does your major require you to take CMSC 201? Or are you looking for an entry-level computing course to supplement your major?

Enroll in a special section of CMSC 201 Computer Science I (Lecture Section 40; Lab Section 41 or 42) that emphasizes programming topics applicable to many non-CS disciplines. You will also receive more individual attention in this smaller CMSC 201 section!

This section fulfills any major’s requirement for CMSC 201 and is open to all non-CS, non-computer engineering majors.

No programming experience is required. The only prerequisite is that students must have completed MATH 150, 151 or 152 with a C or better; OR have MATH test placement into MATH 151; OR have completed MATH 155 with a C or better.

For permission to enroll, email Dr. Ben Johnson at

CMSC 291, Continued Computing for Non-majors (3 credits, lecture only, Section 01)

Looking for computing skills beyond CMSC 201?

In CMSC 291, you will extend your Python programming knowledge, as well as learn valuable skills such as programming on your Windows/Mac OS/Linux computer, controlling your source code, web application development, web scraping (gathering data from existing websites), and database usage. There will also be plenty of in-class, hands-on time!

The course prerequisite is CMSC 201 Computer Science I (for majors or non-majors).

For permission to enroll, email Dr. Ben Johnson at