Forbes: Meet the tenacious pioneer pushing innovation to address real world problems


Forbes has an article on Professor Yelena Yesha, Meet The Tenacious Pioneer Pushing Innovation To Address Real World Problems, in their Cognitive World section, a “knowledge hub and ecosystem for AI transformation”. The piece, which is the first in a two-part series, describes her journey as a child living in Ukraine to her academic pursuits in Canada and the US and to UMBC.

“Her curriculum vitae stretches a mile, detailing her accomplishments in technology in the last 25 years. Her triumphs with NASA, National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST), National Science Foundation (NSF), the Center for Advanced Studies (CAS), IBM, her leadership in the recent launch of the Center for Accelerated Real-Time Analytics (CARTA) at UMBC, plus her personal pursuits in developing solutions in healthcare, and now the recent launch of her Blockchain company, are glimpses into the life of a leader intent on changing the world.”