9:00a Breakfast
9:20a Opening Remarks
9:30-11:00a Session I: Secure Coding taught through hands on exercises. Carry out self-contained, lab-based modules designed to be injected into CS0-CS2 introductory computer science courses. Blair Taylor and Siddharth Kaza, Towson University
11:00-11:15a Break
11:15a-12:45p Session II: Using a mesage board as an interactive Cyber Security learning tool. Solve security challenges involving a simple, configurable HTML message board. LCDR Chris W. Hoffmeister, United States Naval Academy.
1:00-1:30p Lunch
1:30-3:00p Session III: Hands-on vulnerability testing. Engage in a hands-on learning experience to help highlight the vulnerabilities in systems.  Participants of any skill level will leave with new insights. Marcell Lee, Anne Arundel Community College

Steve Morrill, Loyola Blakefield

3:00-3:15p Snack Break
3:15-4:45p Session IV: Group threat brainstorming with Security Cards. Creatively solve problems about computer security threats using 42 Security Cards along 4 dimensions (suits): human impact, adversary’s motivation, adversary’s resources, and adversary’s methods. Tamara Denning, University of Utah
5:00p Adjourn

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