UMBC Professors Nilanjan Banerjee and Ryan Robucci were recently featured in a video developed by Microsoft Research. The video showcases Banerjee, Robucci, and UMB professor Sandra McCombe Waller, as they discuss the application of Microsoft’s Lab of Things to the team’s wearable sensing system project. (The Lab of Things is Microsoft’s home automation tool.)

In addition, the video features Arjmand Samuel, Senior Research Manager for Microsoft Research, and Buz Chmielewski, a partial quadriplegic who served as a patient and consultant for the project. UMBC Professor Chintan Patel, not featured in the video, was also involved with this project.

The team’s wearable sensing system project is an example of an inter-disciplinary collaboration between the medical school at UMB, and UMBC’s computer science and computer engineering departments.

Harry Shum, the Executive Vice President of Microsoft, mentioned this project as the next big thing in his keynote address at the 2014 Microsoft Research Faculty Summit.