2012 CSEE Research Review – Posters


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Undergraduate students

BS1. Jones, Gadwal, Hall; WISEYES: Visualizations for Self-Analysis of Performance in Computer Use for Older Adults

BS2. Madeira, Joshi; Analyzing Social Media Data

Masters Students

MS1. Ghosh, Jagtap, Joshi, Finin; Privacy control in smart phones using semantically rich reasoning and context modeling

MS2. Bisasky, Chandler, Mohsenin; A Many-Core Platform Implemented for Multi-Channel Seizure Detection

MS3. Chandler, Bisasky, Stanislaus, Mohsenin; Real-time Multi-channel Seizure Detection and Analysis Hardware

MS4. Chandler, Mohsenin; An Efficient Network-on-Chip Designed for a Homogenous Many-Core DSP Platform

MS5. Chinnam, Finin, Joshi; Group Recognition in Social Networks

MS6. Sardesai, Morris; Trace Gas Detection using a Pulsed LASER and QEPAS

MS7. More, Joshi; Situation Aware Intrusion Detection Model

MS8. Puranik, Finin; Using Supervised Techniques for Classification of Conventional Data Items

MS9. Halvorsen; Detecting Fast Flux Botnets

MS10. Mativo; Personal Health Records

MS11. Singh, Rheingans; Combining Parallel Sets and Parallel Coordinates for Multivariate Data Display

MS12. Van Tassel, desJardins; Visual Obstruction Resistance for Emotion Detection

Ph.D. Students

PHD1. Dykstra, Sherman; Acquiring Forensic Evidence from Infrastructure-as-a-Service Cloud Computing

PHD2. Han, Finin, Joshi; Towards an Intuitive Query System for DBpedia

PHD3. Weiblen, Docherty, Menyuk; Modeling Motheye Antireflective Structures

PHD4. Hu, Docherty, Marks, Menyuk; Numerical modeling of nonlinearities in a PIN photodetector

PHD5. Wang, Gobbert, Griffin, Olano; A GPU Memory System Comparison for an Elliptic Test Problem

PHD6. Wang, Marks, Docherty, Menyuk, Younis; Ginzburg-Landau Equation

PHD7. Johnson, Nirenburg, McShane; An Annotation and Knowledge Elicitation Environment for Reference Resolution

PHD8. Mulwad, Finin; A Probabilistic Model for Generating Linked Data from Tables

PHD9. Joshi, Finin, Yesha; Cloud Broker tool to automate acquisition of cloud based services

PHD10. Gui, Lo, Peng; Multilayer Perceptrons with the NRAE Training Method

PHD11. Shimu, Docherty, Talukder, Menyuk; Stabilization of Active Modelocking in QCL with Quantum Coherent Absorption

PHD12. Ordóñez, desJardines, Oates; Multivariate Time Series Analysis of Physiological and Clinical Data (Part 1)

PHD13. Ordóñez, desJardines, Oates; Multivariate Time Series Analysis of Physiological and Clinical Data (Part 2)

PHD14. Oehler, Phatak, Sherman; Unobservable Packet Filtering

PHD15. Pfeifer; Effect of Domain Similarity on Text Classification

PHD16. Lal; Linked Open Data for geoSciences

PHD17. Babkin, Nirenburg; Detection of miscreants and collusion in multi-agent systems

PHD18. Taylor, Oates; Visual Classification from Image Feature Clustering

As voted by the faculty, the author of each of the best three posters will receive a $50 prize. (Best research award winners and honorable mentions not eligible for poster prizes based on their winning work.)