Latest news:

July 6, 2015:

Our paper on occupancy estimation got accepted at UbiComp'15'

July 6, 2015:

Co-I on a new 2 year funding received from NASA CMAC for research on climate networks

May 15, 2015:

PI for the Data Container Study for understanding benefits of different storage and computing infrastructures in the context of Earth Science applications.

Jan 15, 2015:

PI on a new 2 year grant from NASA ESTO's AIST program for studying effects of climate on vegetation.

Dec 18, 2014:

We presented our latest research on climate anomalies at AGU Fall Meeting 2014.

Dec 1, 2014:

I have received the NASA Exceptional Public Service medal for 2014

Nov 3, 2014:

We have received the Ames Contractor Council Excellence group award from UARC for 2014


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I am currently the Data Science Task Manager and Associate Scientist at UARC, University of California Santa Cruz working in the Data Sciences group at NASA Ames Research Center, California. Most of my current research effort is directed towards developing large scale data mining and machine learning algorithms to solve problems in the earth sciences, aviation safety, computational sustainability, and graph structure analysis.

I graduated with a PhD in Computer Science from University of Maryland Baltimore County in 2009. My PhD research, guided by Dr. Hillol Kargupta, focused on developing a game-theoretic framework for privacy preserving distributed data mining.

My research interests include